Why You Should Install an Underground Power Supply For Your New Factory

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If you're building a new factory in an area that isn't currently on the power grid, then you'll have to create a connection to your building. While traditional power supply options tend to run power via overground lines, you can also arrange for an underground supply line if you prefer.

What are the advantages of running your power underground?

Get Better Line Protection

While there are advantages to having power lines out in the open, this also has some downsides. Cables, wires and poles are open to the elements, environmental factors and accidental damage.

For example, you might lose power to your factory after a high storm that brings down a power line. You could have problems with overhanging tree branches and even birds. Or, if a truck accidentally backs into a pole, it could bring down the pole and its cables. Again, this will affect your supply.

If your power supply sits under the ground, then it gets better protection. It isn't open to the elements or to wildlife. It won't suffer from accidental damage.

Get a Better Electricity Supply

If an overhead wire develops a fault, then your power supply might suffer. This isn't just about outages. You could experience spikes and sags.

Inconsistencies in your power supply don't just affect your ability to power your factory and its machines and equipment. They could also damage sensitive pieces of equipment.

Computers and computerised machinery need a constant and even supply of electricity to operate effectively. A sudden surge in power could blow essential parts and cause data loss.

Underground connections are less likely to suffer from damage that causes these inconsistencies. You keep them away from many potential damage triggers. So, your power supply should be more even.

Get a Safer System

Overhead electricity supplies can be dangerous. If a line falls, someone could get electrocuted. If someone is trimming branches to get them off a line, then they might also get hurt if they accidentally cut a wire or cable.

Underground power systems are safer. All their component parts are stored underground. This reduces the chances of the kinds of accidents that might happen with overhead poles and lines.

Before you choose an underground electricity supply, it's important to get advice from a power installation technician. They can talk you through the pros and cons of the system and help you decide if this is the best way to get an electricity supply into your factory.

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