Do you know how to power your subdivision?

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When you are planning to create a subdivision, there are a lot of different things that you must consider. You will want to ensure that you make the best possible use of your available land, and you must ensure that your development is economically viable. It's vital that the builders are accurately following the agreed plans and that every aspect of the development is on track. One aspect of subdivision planning that you cannot overlook is arranging the power connections for each of the properties on your subdivision. While it may be tempting to leave worrying about the utilities until the properties are almost complete, that would be a mistake. If you don't think about access routes from the very start of the process you could find that you will need to make expensive changes later on.

How can you get electricity to your subdivision?

You might think that you can hire any contractor you want to lay the power cables to your subdivision, but unfortunately that isn't true. Electricity installations are covered by specific regulations and you will need to work with an approved consultant who has been accredited by the relevant energy company. The consultant will help you submit your application for connection to the network. They will have experience working with Energex subdivisions and will work with both you and the energy company to ensure that the work on your subdivision is completed to a high standard. The consultant will see whether the network belonging to the energy company is capable of supporting the extra demands you will be making on it or whether it must be upgraded.

Applying for connection

All applications for Energex subdivisions, along with those served by other providers, must start by supplying a detailed design for the connection which complies with the energy companies requirements. The design drawings for Energex subdivisions must be completed by an Energex Accredited designer, and the same will hold true for all energy companies. Once the drawings are completed by the consultant, they will be able to submit the application on your behalf.

Getting connected

If all of the paperwork is in order within two weeks there is usually an offer made to connect Energex subdivisions. It is only once that offer is made that your consultant can appoint an approved contractor and construction work can begin. The construction work will be monitored at every stage and once it is complete you can apply to the energy company to energise the system which will be followed by a final audit before it will be finally signed off. 


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