Why You Should Retrofit Your Factory Lighting As Soon As Possible

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In a high output industrial facility, managers must ensure that workers enjoy the best environment so that they can see what they are doing and be as productive as possible. To help achieve these goals, make sure that the overhead lighting is top of the range and that it incorporates the latest technology. However, if your operation is still reliant on old fluorescent tubes, a standard solution during the latter half of the last century, you need to take action. What type of replacement must you consider as soon as possible? 

Out with the Old

Fluorescent tubes may have been perfectly acceptable in a facility like this at one time, but they can cause their own problems and may, in many respects, be counter-productive. They are prone to flickering and can frequently fail, and they might not produce the right type of luminescence for a job site like yours. Some people may complain about this type of lighting as, in certain circumstances, it can cause eyestrain and even migraine. This situation is not conducive to a safe and happy workspace and could hit productivity in the long run.

Latest Tech

Instead, think about installing LED lighting to take advantage of the newest technology and solutions available. Some of these products may be glass-free and are increasingly popular in a factory environment like this, where they produce high output without any potential side-effects.


You may be able to retrofit your existing facility without too much additional work. Some of these new-style LED tubes fit into the existing fixtures and do not need any other control gear. Perhaps you can get all this work completed on a weekend or overnight without any disruption.

Saving Energy

Remember, energy is one of the highest costs, and lighting can undoubtedly represent a sizeable part of the monthly bill. Fluorescent bulbs are energy hogs, whereas LED replacements are very efficient. This is yet another reason for you to take action and to bring your factory lighting up to the correct specification. Even though you may have to invest a certain amount for the work in the beginning, you will notice the benefit by the end of the year.

Time to Take Action

Some jurisdictions may ban the use of fluorescent lighting fixtures in the future. Don't wait until this happens and take action to change over right away. Talk with commercial electricians about an LED lighting retrofit and see when they can schedule a visit. Look for a commercial electrician near you. 

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