Top Tips to Follow When Hiring an Electrical Contractor

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Do you need large-scale electrical repair or installation work? It could be that you want some wiring work done on your residential or commercial building. Read the extract below to learn the various considerations to make when hiring an electrical contractor.


The contractor must have a licence to conduct electrical work in your locality. Different states have varying requirements; hence it would be vital to check the class of licence held by the contractor. His or her employees must be trained and qualified professionals. Inquire about the contractor's specialisation. For instance, if you would want the contractor to conduct wiring works on a multi-storey building, ask if he or she has conducted similar work in the past. Interview some of the contractor's previous and current clients to ascertain that he or she can handle the project.

Work Ethic

The contractor should give a step-by-step guide on how he or she will complete the electrical work. Inquire about the following; 

  • What quality of materials will the contractor need? Do not compromise on quality as a way to save costs.
  • How much time will the work take? If you need the project completed in a few days, you may ask the contractor to work 24/7.
  • Does the contractor require other specialists on-site? For instance, it could be that he or she needs the builder to explain where to fit the various appliances.
  • Does the contractor provide any warranties and guarantees?
  • The contractor should have general liability insurance to ensure you receive compensation if you suffer property damage due to accidents or negligence.


What safety measures will the contractor observe? Electricians must have personal protective clothing, such as gloves, helmets and boots. The professionals should have fall protection systems when working in high places. The contractor could use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) to prevent incidences of electrocution. All installed equipment and appliances must be tested before commissioning. 

The contractor must have an emergency plan. For instance, employees must know the location of circuit breakers to ensure quick response in case of an electrical emergency. Personnel at the site should also have emergency contacts. 

Pricing and Contract

Compare quotes from a few contractors before making your decision. Remember to inquire about extra and hidden costs. Critically examine the terms of the contract. For example, how much deposit money does the contractor need? When and how should you make other payments? How will you resolve disputes with the contractor? Are you allowed to terminate the contract without any consequences? 

When hiring an electrical contractor, examine his or her qualifications, work ethic, safety precautions, pricing and the terms of the contract.

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