Top Reasons to Hire an Electrical Contractor Offering Telecommunication Infrastructure Installation Services

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For property managers, converting idle land into a commercial complex is quite profitable. It is especially the case if the property is strategically located. During the construction phase, the facility managers need to work with electrical contractors. The service providers assemble, install, test and maintain and repair electrical or electronic systems, equipment and apparatus. Rather than hire an electrical contractor specialising in wiring, hire one that also offers cabling services. Why? Read on to find out.

Mandatory NBN Connectivity

To connect most parts of the country to affordable, fast broadband connectivity, the Australian government rolled out the National Broadband Network project (NBN). As such, property developers are required to provide telecommunications infrastructure to all new properties coming up. Some of these properties are massive and complex, and hence expensive undertakings. If you hire an electrical contractor who only does electrical wiring, you will be tempted to postpone data cabling part of the development. The downside effect is that your buildings will not be attractive to potential tenants. However, by hiring a contractor who does both wiring and cabling, your building will be enticing to tenants.  

Reduces Cost of Installation

As mentioned earlier, property developers can either decide to hire a telecommunications infrastructure contractor and an electrician separately or an expert that does both. If you hire both contractors separately, you have to pay them separately. However, an electrical contractor that offers wiring and cabling services can significantly reduce the overall cost of the installation process. The reason is that they will be offering both services as a single service provider, therefore, the charges will be reasonable when compared to working with two different contractors. Additionally, the cost of maintaining the electrical and telecommunications systems is much cheaper when handled by a single service provider.  

Effective Cabling

Installing telecommunication infrastructure is not a haphazard process because different factors affect the efficiency of the system. Electric current is one such factor that affects data signals along the cables. Therefore, data cables must be well protected or installed a safe distance away from electric current sources. An independent data cabling contractor will spend a long time studying the electrical system before designing a cabling plan. The longer the process takes, the more property developers have to spend on leased equipment. On the other hand, an electrical contractor offering data cabling services knows where the electrical wires are located. Therefore, the expert will design a cabling layout that will ensure data cables are a safe distance from electric current.

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