Can't afford to install a solar system on your roof? Consider renting

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While the benefits of going solar are widely known, many homeowners (and businesses) struggle with installing solar panels on their roofs. Switching to solar comes with the upfront cost of equipment purchase, roof preparation, installation and optimisation.

But you don't have to let these upfront costs limit your options. If you're on a budget, solar rental programs can help you take advantage of this clean and renewable energy source. Solar rental programs enable you to essentially rent a solar panel assembly, enjoy its benefits and return it when you're done. If you weren't aware, companies (and homes) are using this option to save costs, protect the environment and reduce carbon footprint.    

How it works

Think of solar rental programs in much the same way as renting a vehicle. When you hire a car, you get to drive it around as often as you like within the rental period. You also fully enjoy the comfort and convenience of using this vehicle and its features.

In the case of solar rental programs, homes and businesses can hire full solar systems for a specific period. The rental company installs solar panels on your roof, hooks up all associated equipment and tests everything for functionality. They also provide maintenance and repair services when necessary.

While each rental company is different, you can expect to agree on rental period, cost and performance expectations. Furthermore, solar rental companies are knowledgeable of local weather patterns. This means that they'll account for sun exposure, roof orientation and power generation during the installation process.     

Benefits of renting solar systems for your business

Solar rental programs can give you a head start towards using renewable energy in many different ways. Some of the benefits of these programs include:   

1.    No upfront costs

Homes and businesses can begin to enjoy the benefits of solar power without investing in solar panels, installation equipment, converters and other related tools. This option is particularly beneficial for commercial establishments that are often on the move. If you operate in many different cities, you can equip solar panels for a fixed period before moving offices.    

2.    No long-term commitment

Solar rental programs are also the epitome of flexibility. You don't have to commit to any long-term contracts, and you can get the solar panels removed upon request (some rental companies also charge a removal fee).

3.    Instantaneous savings

By harnessing solar, you immediately get to save on utility consumption. You may find that your electric, gas and HVAC bills reduce much faster than you had anticipated. This also means more savings and more money in your pocket.  

To learn more about solar systems, contact a solar power service in your area.

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